This Star Wars-Styled Airsoft Gun Means Stormtroopers Will Never Miss Again!

While the Sterling L2A1 sub-machine gun was not a widely known or used weapon during World War II, it was still seen as a significantly improved weapon over the Sten sub-machine gun used by British infantry. The stamped steel weapon was submitted for trials to replace the Sten in early 1944 and soon found its way into select airborne units towards the end of the war. The Sterling was a far superior weapon boasting greatly improved accuracy and reliability as well as being incredibly light weight and compact thanks to its unique folding stock. The weapon remained in use up until it was phased out in 1987 by the introduction of the L85A1 assault rifle.

The Custom Sterling L2A1, by S&T is a creative re-imagining of the traditional Sterling through the lens of Hollywood fantasy. Because of its unique bare bones and industrial design, the sterling became a favorite of Hollywood propmasters looking for a gun they could easily convert into the weapon of choice for the foots soldiers of fictional, futuristic, fascist governments such as the Starwars series. The Sterling Custom features a finned handguard to replicate a cooling heat sink, control leads and an integrated low magnification scope. All of these small touches transform the humble Sterling from an English submachine gun used during the second wold war, to the blaser of choice of a repressive government in some other galaxy.
    Rugged stamped & welded steel receiver
    Heat Sink style handguard adds a unique look to the Sterling
    Integrated low magnification scope
    Matte black parkerized finish
    1:1 scale replica
    Hefty realistic weight
    Polymer grip and lower frame
    Steel folding stock
    Steel front and rear sights
    Full metal lipo ready 9mm custom gearbox
    Detachable steel magazine

Length: 500mm / 680mm (folded / extended)
Weight: 5.89lbs
GearBox: Full Metal 9mm Custom Type
Muzzle Velocity: ~350~380 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BB's)
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
Firing Modes: Safe / Semi / Full-Auto
Magazine Capacity: 50 round midcap
Inner Barrel: 190mm
Motor Type: Short Type
Battery: 7.4v LiPoly brick type recommended (Battery compartment accommodates up to 80mm long and 30mm wide battery. Wired to the rear with a Small Tamiya connector. Battery sold separately)
Package Includes: AEG, Magazine, Manual

Manufacturer: S&T

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