This Jyn Erso cosplayer gave Death Star plans to Leias at Star Wars Celebration

A little girl cosplaying as Jyn Erso spent all of Star Wars Celebration handing out copies of the Death Star plans to every Princess Leia cosplayer she found. Just like Jyn was supposed to do in Rogue One!

Gizmodo's io9 has the details of this awesome kid's Celebration mission.
Jyn is actually named Harley, and she and her father Dino attended Celebration in Orlando last weekend with a special goal in mind, to pay tribute to the dearly departed Carrie Fisher. Harley, in costume as Rogue One’s Rebel Operative, would locate as many Princess Leia cosplayers as she could, and hand them a specially-crafted copy of the datacard containing the Death Star plans.
Here's Harley.

And here's some of the Leias she gave the plans to.

Harley even gave a card to R2D2!

She even gave one to Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilm!

The final datacard was saved for the original Princess. Harley placed a card at the base of a display of Carrie Fisher's Leia costume from the final scene of A New Hope.

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