Super 7 teases a big ALIENS announcement on March 1

Super 7 posted the image below on their social media sites today, teasing some sort of ALIENS-related announcement on March 1. No details were given with the image. However, we have a few guesses.

First, the image.

The ALIENS logo in the image has been used before, for a San Diego Comic Con exclusive last year.

The exclusive was a 12 inch Alien figure, reminiscent of the original Kenner figure, only this one was based on the ALIENS look for the xenomorph. It was only released in a white "prototype" form.

Here are some photos, originally posted on Action Figure Insider.

Our guess is we are finally getting a non-prototype version of the big figure. Now that Super 7 has the Reaction line fully in-house, however, we would love to see a 3 and 3/4 inch figure line for ALIENS announced. As of now, only an Alien line of figures has been released, with the exception of an ALIENS 3-pack of the Queen Alien, Ripley, and the Power Loader.

As soon as Super 7 makes their announcement, we'll let you know.

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