Stranger Things is Back with Familiar Faces, Bigger Monsters, and More Eggos

Among the many Super Bowl commercials and trailers, the Stranger Things Season 2 trailer was one of the most talked about trailers throughout the night.

The trailer starts as an old-school Eggo commercial. We then start to get weird visuals, then hear a voice, assumed to be Mike Wheeler, calling Eleven's name. It then cuts to Eleven opening her eyes laying upside down. So not even 10 seconds into the trailer and we already have questions. How is Eleven alive? Where is she? Why is she upside down? And why is her nose bleeding? As the trailer continues, we see glimpses of some of the characters. We see the Sheriff with debris being thrown at him because why not? We also get a closer look at Dustin, Mike, and Lucas in proper ghost-busting attire. But where's Will? Well after the events of season one, Will doesn't seem...well. In the season one finale, we see Will have a flash from the Upside Down. Adding to the speculation that these flashes will continue throughout season two, the trailer shows Will walking outside looking at a storm in the distance and what appears to be giant monster. Is this another Upside Down flash? What is the monster? The only monster we ever saw from the Upside down was the Demigorgon; so exactly how many monsters are in the Upside down? An insane trailer and well done trainer for arguably one of the best television shows currently on air. 

Stranger Things returns Halloween 2017.

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