See concept art for canceled Indiana Jones toys from 1980's Kenner

An eBay auction of concept art from Kenner has revealed plans for playsets from the 1980s line of Indiana Jones toys.

The auctions, which can be seen here and here, are offered by Collectible Investment Brokerage. They reveal concept art for a Raven Bar playset and a Temple playset based on the classic scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

It isn't known exactly why the toys were never made. Considering the Indiana Jones line didn't sell well at the time and was quickly discontinued, the playsets were likely part of a future wave that never made it to production. The line only lasted two waves, from 1982 to 1983.

Check out the images from the auction (click to see a larger version):

The concept art would have given 1980s kids some Raiders figures everyone wanted, including Satipo, Jungle Outfit Belloq, and a Nepalese Henchman. It appears a new version of Toht would have been made for the Raven Bar, and a Forrestal figure would have been made, which we REALLY needed back in the day. The Temple playset would have included a golden fertility idol, which we finally got in the 2008 line.

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