Check out LOVE - an intelligent vinyl turntable

Here's our next favorite gadget. Coming Soon Tech has announced the LOVE, a compact turntable that plays vinyl records on your bluetooth technology.

Here's a description, straight from the manufacturer.
The easy to use system allows music-lovers to instantly play their favorite records in a seamless fashion. Play your vinyl with the push of a button on the LOVE device or control LOVE with your smartphone using the complementary app.

The LOVE app allows you to play, skip tracks, repeat tracks, select different rpm speeds, turn the volume up and down, & display the album cover. The app allows the intimacy of vinyl with the convenience of modern day.

LOVE connects to any Bluetooth audio device and Wi-Fi multiroom systems. This includes speakers, headphones, & stereo systems. If your speaker system isn't Bluetooth enabled, LOVE comes with a 3.5mm or RCA Bluetooth adapter.

Once LOVE is synced with your audio device, put any size vinyl on one of the two complimentary 7" record bases. LOVE then scans the vinyl to determine its size and number of tracks. If you'd like to start your listening experience with track 3 simply Press LOVE's top shell three times or select the track through the app. From there, sit back, relax, and enjoy your record.
The LOVE launches in mid-February. A price has not yet been announced, but you can click here to sign up for their newsletter, which provides updates and allows subscribers to get the LOVE at 50% the retail price on launch date.

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