Guess who Burt Ward wants to play Affleck's Robin

In an interview with podcast Goodnight Gotham, Burt Ward (who played Robin in the classic 1960s Batman TV series) was asked if he had any preferences as to who should play the Boy Wonder in any upcoming film. details his answer and logic:
When asked if there were any young actors he’d like to see take on the role, Ward answered with a confident yes.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Me!”

The actor continued, saying, “Let me tell you something. You remember when Star Trek ended, and Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner got all those star trek movies? They were very successful, and those guys were older.”

“You didn’t care that they were older. You loved them,” Ward explained. Of course, he’s not wrong. Many of those Trekkies had grown up with Nimoy and Shatner, a fact that helped them overlook the actors’ aging visages and embrace their characters for what they were.

Ward hopes he might get the chance to put back on Robin’s tights one day much like how Shatner donned his infamous gold Starfleet uniform. “Could you imagine Adam and I now fifty years later going to put on our tights?” he asked.
What do you think? Should Burt Ward ever be allowed to don the epic tights again?

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