Larry Correia speaks out on the 2016 Hugos

Sci-fi author Larry Correia has weighed in on this year's Hugo Awards, which were once again steeped in controversy, as industry elites like Neil Gaiman excluded and marginalized outsiders and anyone else they didn't like from winning awards.

Correia was the man behind the creation of the "Sad Puppies," a group of fans who supported Correia's nomination for a Hugo several years ago. Correia joked about running a "sad puppies" campaign to win the award, borrowing from the "sad puppy" commercials by the SPCA often seen on television. That rankled the elites in the sci-fi/fantasy literary world, who disliked Correia personally or didn't like his anti-PC demeanor. Correia didn't win, but the "Sad Puppies" movement was born, pushing to support more outsiders and newcomers in the Hugos, rather than those hand-picked by elites.

This year, the Hugos not only refused to support outsiders, many voters blatantly vowed never to vote for anyone supported by the "Sad Puppies" regardless of how deserving they were. That not only included anyone believed to be politically conservative (as if that matters), but the Hugos ended up bypassing deserving candidates with no political inclination, solely because they weren't in the elite's inner circle.

Among Correia's observations on the 2016 Hugo voting:
I figured it would shake out like this, the elitist cliques would circle the wagons, send a message that outsiders can f*** off, and declare whatever happened a victory for “diversity." At least they are open it is all politics. Hell, they’re celebrating it.

Just ask yourself this, what kind of scumbags would give No Award to Larry Elmore? This is a man who is one of the most prolific and popular fantasy artists of all time. His covers dominated the better part of a decade, a whole generation of writers grew up with his posters on their wall, yet, he never got nominated for a Hugo that entire time.

Larry Elmore wasn’t involved in any campaigns. When he found out that fans finally recognized him for a Hugo nomination he was surprised, honored, and humbled.

No Award.

Moira Greyland exposed to the culture of rape and pedophilia in old fandom...It was a gut wrenching expose in a category normally won by fluff. But they wanted that swept under the rug.  No Award. Toni Weisskopf? No Award. And Jerry Pournelle… Living legend. You pieces of s*** are honestly going to tell us that Jerry Pournelle is not award worthy?

And to Neil Gaiman, boldly standing up to those pesky Puppies during his speech…
When you got your buddy Jonathan Ross to volunteer to MC the awards, it wasn’t those jerky Sad Puppies that formed an angry twitter mob because he *might* tell a fat joke. He got sacrificed on the altar of PC.

Now, I know you’re a multi-millionaire A-lister and your career is so awesome you can safely pat those yapping jackals on their tender heads and not lose a hand, but most authors aren’t in your lofty tower. When the angry mobs come for them, they’re f*****. Names get ruined, contracts get cancelled, and careers are derailed.

So all this latest nonsense sure makes me glad I didn’t waste any time on the Hugos this year. What a joke.
You can read Correia's fantastic response in its entirety here.


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