FYI: David Bowie loved Labyrinth plushes

With Jim Henson's Labyrinth celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, fans are finding more products on comic store shelves to commemorate the classic fantasy film. Among our favorites are Toy Vault's line of plushes and accessories. Check them out below:

  "The Worm" Plush
This plush measures about 13-inches long x 9-inches tall x 5-inches wide. In the film, the entity known simply as "The Worm" and his missus live among the twists and turns that make up the Labyrinth. They spend their days sipping tea and keeping poor, lost travelers from taking a wrong turn and ending up in the court of The Goblin King.
You can order "The Worm" plush from Entertainment Earth by clicking here.

"Ludo" plush
Ludo, though menacing in appearance, quickly became one of the most likeable characters in Labyrinth. Lovable Ludo is a large but gentle creature that has the ability to summon the rocks to help him, but Toy Vault's shrink ray has reduced him to the perfect size for a plush, measuring 9-inches tall.
Click here to order a Ludo plush of your very own!

"The Worm" Plush Slippers
After a long day of a navigating the labyrinth, it's nice to come home and have a cup of tea with the missus, and Toy Vault's Labyrinth "The Worm" Plush Slippers are just perfect for resting your tired tootsies. With a thick, cushioned sole that makes endless walking a comfy good time. One size fits most adults up to size 12.
You can click here to order The Worm Plush Slippers of your own. Trust us, there's no shame in it.

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