Funko reveals an exclusive Smuggler's Bounty Pop! (SPOILERS)

Funko's Smuggler's Bounty mystery boxes have been a big hit with collectors, giving us some fantastic t-shirts and exclusive, must-have Pops. Their March box, featuring a Cantina theme, will include two exclusive Pops, and Funko has revealed one of them! To avoid posting spoilers, you'll have to click the link to see the pic after the jump!

OK, now that you're here, we can talk freely. Funko posted a picture on their Smuggler's Bounty website (you can click here to see it) of dozens of Pops, with the promise that one of them was an exclusive that would be included in the March Smuggler's Bounty box. Sure enough, tucked away in the photo was this (we blew it up for a better view):

As you can see, it is Ben Kenobi from A New Hope taking a swing with his lightsaber, presumably a pose taken from the Cantina scene. Unlike the previous Ben Kenobi Pop, this one has his hood down and is in an action pose. Online speculation is the other Pop, which is also a never-before-seen mold, is Ponda Baba (aka Walrusman for us old school trilogy fans). Since there's no confirmation, we can only wait to see. You have until March 15 to order your Smuggler's Bounty box, and you can do so by clicking right here


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