The Wampa rug completes your Man Cave

Star Wars Wampa RugOut of all the crazy Star Wars products out there, this one has to be my favorite. The Wampa rug is 62" long and 30" wide, features a pillow-like head for snuggling, and a non-slip backing underneath. Slave Leia not included. No Star Wars room would be complete without this. Face it, you want this. I can feel the want swelling within you now. Take your credit card. Use it. I am unarmed. Give in to the Dark Side!

Two different online retailers are offering this item, and even though there is a slight price difference, one does offer a little "extra" for the higher price.

First up is ThinkGeek. This rug isn't cheap - $129.99 to be exact - but greatness never is. You can order yours now from ThinkGeek by clicking this link: Star Wars Wampa Rug!

Entertainment Earth also offers the rug, but $10 cheaper at $119.99. You can order it from them by clicking right here.

Both places offer free shipping, but ThinkGeek does offer "Geek Points" that you can redeem with future orders for merchandise. This does pretty much cover the difference in price, so whether it is worth it is up to you, since the overall value is about the same. ThinkGeek gives you about 2,000 "Geek Points" for a Wampa Rug, which gets you about $20 in merchandise when you turn it in, although you do have to buy a certain amount of actual merchandise to redeem it.

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