Star Wars Black Series figures are now in stock at Entertainment Earth!

The new Star Wars Black Series figures are out, and Entertainment Earth has them in stock! These new, highly-detailed figures highlight some of the key characters from the saga in bold new packaging. Entertainment Earth has these by the 12 figure case, which include 2x Anakin Skywalker, 1x Clone Trooper Sergeant, 2x Biker Scout (Scout Trooper), 2x Darth Vader, 1x Clone Pilot, 1x Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony), 1x Padme Amidala (Arena Battle), and 2x Biggs Darklighter (Pilot). You can get the whole case for $119.99 and FREE SHIPPING (that's just $9.99 a figure, which matches Wal-Mart's low price on these same figures). We prefer getting figures by the case, because it saves us the time of having to track down short-packed figures in stores, which is likely to happen with the Clones and Yavin Luke. To order yours now, click right here to order a case from Entertainment Earth.

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